Monday, July 4, 2011

June Blog Income Update

June update time!  In the month of June, my earnings were

I held steady as my May earnings were $7.11.  My past earnings in graphical form:

I'm pretty happy with the results.  With just a little bit more earnings, my blogging will be able to pay for my Internet bill.

I did want to include an update on my Lending Club loans, but I will have to do this next week.  This is because I want to use monthly statements for my analysis, and those are made available one week after the end of each calendar month.  I will compare my analysis of my results to those generated by the Lending Club website.

I guess that will be my formula from now on.  In addition to my regular posts, I will post a monthly blog income update on or around the first Sunday of the month.  On the following Sunday I will update my Lending Club results.

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